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This page belongs to the Fighting Axolotl guild of Spiral Knights. We are fierce, unrelenting, and semi-aquatic warriors!

Fighting Axolotls

Don't mess with us!


These are rules to live and die by. Follow these rules, and your life will be good. Break the rules, and you will be cast out into the cold.

  1. Don't be a dick! This includes dicking over guildmates as well as people you're adventuring with. If you're having problems with a member, e-mail either of the Guild Masters (Omnialias or Seryntas) about it and they'll handle it.
  2. No cheating!! No scamming!! No circumventing the rules of the game!! Play fair and square!
  3. Be good to the guild and it'll be good back to you. If you have items that you're not using, feel free to donate it to the guild coffers (Omnialias has access to it). If you donate to the coffers, you can take cr up to the amount of the donated item out of the coffer (if it's available).
  4. When you log on, check in with the guild through guild chat (/guild it's available).



I crafted an ASI Med Brandish for the guild and sold it for a buttload of crowns (57,100 cr). Out of that money, I'll be taking enough money to re-coup the cost of creating the guild: 500 energy and 1000 cr. -Omnialias




Known Recipes


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